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March Against Monsanto San Diego

Monsanto MarchThanks to Dan Osman and the Organic Consumers Association for planning the great rally at Balboa Park today. Here’s a quick recap of speakers, their websites (below) and a bit of my talk today.

Monsanto would like you to believe that the glyphosate residue on genetically modified food is safe and doesn’t cause cancer. But these statements are  based on studies that are too short to show cancer, and are not looking at the myriad of other health issues that have dramatically increased since the early 1970’s when GMO seeds and high nitrogen fertilizers hit the fields, and the use of herbicides and pesticides dramatically increased. Geneticists tell us that daily small pulses of noxious chemicals can be more harmful than a single large exposure. The subtle changes in nutrients and chemical compounds affect our DNA and our ability to defend our bodies from everything from cancer to autoimmune disorders, gastrointestinal problems, mental health issues, autism, and healthy pregnancies. Everything we ingest is a signalling molecule, especially the nutrients in food. Whether it’s chemicals in air pollution, vitamins, medications, food, herbicide or pesticide, it all signals a reaction in the body that affect how the body reacts. It makes a difference if your liver is compromised and can’t remove or detoxify harmful compounds efficiently or if you are so overloaded your liver and kidneys can’t keep up. Small children are particularly susceptible to growth and developmental issues due to exposure to harmful chemicals. We have the right to know how our food is grown and what’s in it. It’s time for Monsanto and other chemical companies to stand up for our health rather than their profits, protect our valuable resources and be good stewards of our food supply.

Remember it matters where you spend your food dollars. You may spend a little more for healthy food, but you won’t pay as much at the doctor’s office! Stay informed! The EU and Canada are considering revoking their approval for glyphosate. California is listing it as a probable carcinogen and the WHO found glyphosate to be a probable carcinogen as well before reversing its opinion. Those scientists who are responsible for reversal of their opinions are withholding their names, not willing to stand behind their own opinions. That should tell  us something.

Presenters at the event today in San Diego:

Peter Mathews — Political Science professor, internationally recognized pundit and author of “Dollar Democracy: With Liberty and Justice for Some; How to Reclaim the American Dream for All”

D’Marie Mulattieri — activist, speaker, writer. Organizer, Occupy Orange County, March Against Monsanto Laguna Beach, Expose the TPP – USA. Ran for Congress in 2012. California Clean Money Campaign and OC4BERNIE. Wrote the foreword for the book, “We’re Monsanto: Still Feeding the World, Lie After Lie.

Leslie Goldman, a grassroots food activist, recipient of a United Nations Peace Medal, writer and blogger

Carol Grieve, Certified Life Coach, Holistic Nutritionist, radio host of Food Integrity Now,


Why GMO’s matter…

We are a walking experiment for the food industry. From the time I graduated with my degree in nutrition to now, I have seen the food industry ‘advances’ come and go and what has always remained, is whole food by Mother Nature as the single best option for health. Zero calorie sweeteners, designed to satisfy our sweet tooth without weight gain; found to increase desire for sweets and promote weight gain. Partially hydrogenated oils invented to extend shelf life; increase artery plaque. Fortification of grains that have been milled; need powdered supplements added back (and don’t think for a moment manufacturers use the highest quality supplements). Genetically engineered or modified grain, vegetables and sugar beets have more herbicide residue, as well as small changes in nutrient content that add up to big changes in your health. If you were lucky enough to be born before 1960, most of your childhood food was grown without high nitrogen fertilizer and was not genetically modified. High nitrogen fertilizers leave behind nitrate/nitrite residue in the food (same stuff you avoid in hot dogs), and genetically modified plants tolerate higher levels of herbicides such as Round Up. If you don’t want to eat Round Up, you need to know if your food is a GMO. I can’t stress enough the importance of your right to choose what you want to eat. Some may choose to eat GMO grain, willing to be part of the experiment and that is their choice. I won’t stand in their way. But for the rest of us who want to wait and see, not putting ourselves or our children at risk for possibly cancer, autism, diabetes, mutations in DNA, digestive disorders, immune function changes, or some other risk we don’t well understand, we deserve the right to be able to avoid these foods if we so desire. Think I’m being dramatic? Would you spray a little lighter fluid on your food each day to see what happens? It costs manufacturers nothing to put the letters ‘GMO’ in the ingredient list on packaging that they already change continually to convince us the product is healthy or delicious. As your advocate for your health, I see whole unprocessed food fix a myriad of ailments everyday. I can only recommend you avoid GMO foods and I will be voting YES on Proposition 37 the California GMO Labeling Initiative. If you are a California resident, I encourage you to stand with me and vote YES for your health.