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Is your Beer Style packing on the pounds?


It doesn’t take a zymologist, one who studies the art of brewing, to appreciate the tremendous variety now available in craft brews. These lovingly hand wrought beverages can be light and fruity or thick and frothy which often leaves clues to their caloric density. While One Fat Tire ale is like eating 2 Oreos, a stout brew can have as many calories as a Starbucks Iced Carmel Macchiato, which has 330 calories to be exact. Toss back 2-3 of these beauties and you may grow a ‘spare tire’!

What’s a craft-beer-phile to do? Make healthier food choices and make sure alcohol represents no more than 10% of your calories. Above this, alcohol becomes a challenge for the body to process, first slowing your metabolism, and then going on to increase blood sugar, inflammation and cholesterol output. A few more fat cells are usually in that mix as well.

10% of 2000 calories = 200 calories from alcohol devised a handy calculator to estimate calories of your favorite brews. Just multiply the ABV of each beer by 2.5 to determine calories. Heavy brews like stout or barleywine have more residual sugar so multiply ABV by 3.3 for these brews.

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