Are the holidays nutrition madness?

Now that the holidays are eminent it’s time to think about how to keep the average 11 pounds off that many Americans gain between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

My post on your ‘Screaming Toddler’ gives some tips about how to squelch the cravings, but the holidays present the coup d’tat on eating stimuli and even the most disciplined may cave. So make a plan and stick to it. While making an office ban on sweets might be met with serious grumbles, you’ll become a hero come January 1. Here’s a few ideas to get you on track!

  • Cookies, sweets on the weekend only
  • Office policy… no candy and sweets until Friday
  • Holiday weight challenge with the office or friends…whoever maintains or loses the most wins $50 gift card (each chip in $5)
  • Start holiday parties with sparkling water, not alcohol
  • Keep holiday drinking to the weekends only
  • Eat 3 real meals and don’t count on parties for dinner
  • Bake a little less and give it away (homeless shelter?)
  • Focus on healthier holiday recipes and fewer sweet treats
  • Trade the cookie exchange for a healthier recipe exchange for the New Year
  • Plan a hike or scenic walk as a post holiday dinner activity.


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