Cleanse got ya down? Here’s my Cleanse Fixer Upper!

I don’t always recommend a cleanse for my patients, but when I do, I try to understand their palate so I can help them be more successful. Cleansing can be challenging from many perspectives, not least of all taste! If you are challenged by a particular flavor of a cleanse, it can mean an early exit leading to disappointment and even being discouraged enough to derail weight loss or prevent you from ever trying it again. As I started my annual cleanse this past week, I found myself altering what I consider a fantastic product that is a bit too sweet for my tastes. Many manufacturers use stevia or monkfruit, which provide a very sweet taste profile. Some of you will also experience a bitter taste with products containing stevia. It’s a gene trait that I have too, and we can’t change it.  Drinking 2 sweet protein smoothies a day is also super challenging for me because I don’t use added sugars and rarely eat sweet treats. So if you are like me, you might be looking for more savory flavors, or at least a very light sweetness that doesn’t taste like a milkshake. By the way, one of the reasons I don’t often recommend a manufactured cleanse, is that most of them rely on your taste for sweets. As a nutritionist who spends a lot of time counseling patients to step away from sweets, I am professionally polarized by many of these products. My decision to use VegeCleanse this time, was that I didn’t have much time to devote to setting up a whole food cleanse (although I eat that way most of the time), I wanted something economical, and I have several patients and my co-worker Dr. Dave Larson currently on the VegeCleanse. What can I say? I love good company! So here I am, adjusting the cleanse for my palate and thought you might need some help too. Here are my downloadable tips that I hope will keep on track with your cleanse! Just click on the link to view the tip sheet, then click on the tip sheet to download! Follow me on Instagram to share how you are doing with your cleanses and give us your tips on how to manage the challenges of a cleanse! If you’d like to try the VegeCleanse, head on over to ABOUT ME and visit my Fullscript link for special pricing!