Getting your greens on

Greens are the most overlooked, under eaten and nutrient packed foods. Leafy greens contain many antioxidants, folic acid and the most not talked about

Methyl Group

molecule, the methyl group. This small combo of carbon and hydrogen is the driver of detoxification.  And what’s the big deal with all this detoxification? Well, detoxification is a very important part of your metabolism, and particularly important in cancer prevention. Your body detoxifies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So declaring it a detox day, week or month is not always accomplishing what you might think it is unless you provide the body these very important methyl groups. Dark leafy greens like romaine, kale, chard, parsley, spinach, red and green lettuce, mustard, collard, radicchio and others, contain this molecule that the liver needs to add to anything it is trying to make water soluble. Vitamins, hormones, byproducts of metabolism and aging, pollutants and other toxins must be made water soluble before the kidney can put them into the urine to remove them from the body. By adding a methyl group to a fat soluble toxin or metabolite, the liver makes it water soluble and the kidney completes the detoxification cycle. Helping the liver do it’s job, reduces free radicals which damage DNA and accelerate aging, it helps estrogen be metabolized in a healthier way and so reduces breast and prostate cancer risk, and keeps the immune system at it’s best to fight off big stuff and not be overloaded with so many unnecessary tasks that an unhealthy diet creates. So get your greens on…grab a green juice, have a spinach salad, roast some kale, put some parsley in your soup! Need more inspiration? Visit for delicious vegetable recipes like The Greenest Salad or try Dr. Andrew Weil’s True Food Kitchen Cookbook  for a plethora of whole food recipes.

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